Fancy development

And web stuff...

1.Hello, my name is ...

Frédéric Marcel Falliere. I'm a junior consultant at Valtech, creator of To be done and currently digging into HTML5. Bored ? Try my brand new breakout (casse-brique, that is, sir) game.

2.What can I find on this badass-looking blog ?

  • Articles about cutting edge technologies : HTML5 (canvas, websockets, history), iPhone development, ruby on rails
  • A little fun with - types of blogs entries
  • Different kind of engineering : for instance, database stuff
  • Questions from social network (Stackoverflow, Quora, Reddit, ...) that I found good enough to share here and digg in the answers and compile the comments.
  • My portfolio : Mes-Cliques v2 is still in development. V1 did not receive the attention I thaught it would have... Turns out I may be going in a complete new direction (glee!). In the mean time To be done is released. Go check it out. And also, my new html5 game.